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Surfix offers tailor-made surface modification solutions, based on a proprietary molecular nanocoating technology, for the micro- and nanotechnology market. As our nanolayers assemble via a triggered chemical process, selective and local deposition is possible even when more complex geometries are concerned, like in microstructured or microfluidic devices; a characteristic feature not accessible via plasma polymerization or chemical vapour deposition routines (www.surfix.nl).
MinacNed is for Surfix an excellent partner which promotes micro and nanotechnology to a broader audience, as well as organises numerous technological events and workshops, like the annual MicroNanoConference. They represent a diverse network of companies active in micro and nanotechnology and are actively involved in linking together relevant companies, like for instance in the recently granted IPC-program!


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Association for Microsystems and Nanotechnology
Creating economic value from Microsystems and Nanotechnology
in an international playground

1st International conference on MicroFluidic Handling Systems

MFHSMFHS, 10 to 12 October 2012
Enschede, The Netherlands
Worldwide, accurate handling (e.g. dosing, measurement and control) of small and extremely small mass flow rates of both gases and liquids is becoming more and more important, driven by numerous economically important applications in for instance semiconductor industry, analytical instrumentation, food, pharmacy, energy, bioanalytical systems, and micro reaction systems.

The focus of this conference is mainly on the technology, components, devices and systems that enable the application and biology in microfluidic systems. We invite submission of papers on systems and devices for accurate handling (e.g. dosing, measurement and control) of (extremely) small mass flow rates of both gases and liquids, and corresponding measurement and control principles:

·Thermal, ultrasonic and Coriolis principles for flow measurement 
·The piezo-electric, electromagnetic and electrostatic principles for flow control.  
·Electronic instrumentation  
·Application proposals 
·Innovative methods in calibration equipment and methodology 
·Micro- and nanomachining 
·Device characterization

Registration is open! For more information, see the website or download the flyer!

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