About MinacNed

MinacNed is a trade association to strengthen economic activity based on microsystems and nano- and quantum technology. The members consist of research institutes, the manufacturing industry, suppliers, integrators and end-users of products and services that are made possible by, or make use of, micro and/or nanotechnology.

The core activities of MinacNed contribute to providing a platform for sustainable economic and social value creation and the provision of an ecosystem for researchers, entrepreneurs and policy makers. This platform is created by organizing events and the international MicroNanoConference for our members.

The MinacNed Board

The MinacNed board comprises six individuals, all representatives of the micro-, nano-, or quantum technology and working in either industry or science.  The board of MinacNed has, together with NanoNextNL, formulated the Nanovision 2030 and the Nano4society program.

The MinacNed board is represented in the NanoNextNL Foundation, the roadmap nanotechnology, HTSM, and it has an active lobby for the industry in The Hague.

Aim MinacNed

MinacNed as an industry association

Representative of its members towards stakeholders, politics and public opinion
within which the ecosystem can network optimally; where social challenges and enabling technologies meet.

MinacNed as a knowledge authority

For members, SMEs, politics, talents and stakeholders.

MinacNed as a mediator

Public and private partnerships with other micro- and nano-related international and national (branch) associations & partners

Proposition for members

Encourages innovation with and for members

  • Ecosystem where members, companies, knowledge institutions and government can work together optimally to realize innovationsuKnowledge sessions & cluster events for its members
  • Platform for consultation and cooperation between members
  • Possibility to realize innovations together with members (knowledge institutions & companies)


  • Connection with (inter)national industry-related networks, partners and government
  • Access to a wide network of experts
  • International innovative and match making missions to stimulate international business opportunities, innovation mission
  • Connection with public-private partnerships

Leading member base

  • The strong players in the market are connected
  • Participation of all enabling technologies
  • All major knowledge institutions are members and make knowledge available to MinacNed network

Areas of activities


  • Provide insight into PPPs, Calls, etc.
  • Website
  • From start-up to scale-up

Networking in the ecosystem

  • Collaboration in R&D
  • Exchange of knowledge / experience in business development
  • Development of innovation opportunities in the value chain

Public interest

  • Representation of the community
  • Influencing public policy and public opinion on specific issues


  • Employees and education


Nano4Society = MinacNed & NanoNextNL

  • MinacNed and NanoNextNL work together in the Nano4Society program
  • Scientific board NanoNextNL
  • Companies, start-ups, research institutions MinacNed


  • Grant application government and top sectors
  • Grant application from European government

Companies and science reinforce each other in the Nano4Society ecosystem.