Karin Schroen

Karin Schroën


Karin Schroën prof. dr. Ir.

Hoogleraar levensmiddelenproceskunde, Wageningen Universiteit, Hoogleraar Membrane Processes for Food, Universiteit Twente.


Karin Schroën is a Wageningen graduate (MSc, PhD), and has held post-doc positions at University College London, and Wageningen University, before going to the tenure track at this university and becoming a personal professor in 2012. Since 2019 she is also a chair holder at the University of Twente. She is further the technical dean of Wageningen University, and the scientific director of research school VLAG. In her capacity of board member of MinacNed, and Nano4Society, she is an adamant promotor for the use of micro and nanotechnology in various application fields.

Ambition for MinacNed:

From my background in the academic world, I hope to play a key role for companies and research institutes. I am thinking in particular of bringing different parties together to make groundbreaking projects possible.