Marike Boertien

Marike Boertien

Ecosystem builder

Ir. M.F.H.C. Boertien (Marike)

Ecosystem builder micro- nano, and quantum ecosystem


In her career, Marike has been focusing on identifying stakeholders in innovation ecosystems and facilitating collaboration to create impactful outcomes through the application of innovative technologies. She has worked as a grant consultant, project manager, workshop facilitator and business advisor.

Supporting professionals by roadmapping and initiating projects in a multi stakeholder challenges has been a recurring aspect of her various positions. She built and managed the High Tech Knowledge Transfer project in which 250 stakeholders were connected to the University of Twente.

Marike is passionate about fostering collaboration, supporting professionals and engaging in proactive networking. In this role, she will be focusing on strengthening the national micro-, nano- and quantum community. This new role is created in cooperation with MESA+ and funded by the QuantumDelta Growth Fund Program.

“I’m thrilled to start in this upcoming field of technology.” Marike says.  “How will society benefit from Quantum technology? What will be its impact on all stakeholders, especially today’s front runners in technology? The impact might not be evident yet, but it will be impressive, I’m sure. Many actors are already active in the ecosystem. What additional actions can we take to enhance (Quantum) technology? These are exiting topics to explore. So, if you have insights or suggestions to share, please do reach out to me!”


Marike Boertien
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