Perspectief round 2020/2021 is opened as of 20 July. The call for proposals is available (in Dutch). Register your programme iniatitive via this form.

Generally speaking, the same conditions apply as for the previous round, but there are several changes, including:

  • Cash co-funding is not compulsory in the 2020/2021 round (a measure due to the coronavirus crisis). The total co-funding required is still 30%;
  • The co-funding percentage for TO2 institutions has been reduced from 50% to 30%. With that, the co-funding percentage required for TO2 research is the same as that for other applicants;
  • A researcher may only submit one programme design or programme proposal per Perspectief round as the main applicant, and may be involved in a maximum of two applications or proposals.

The most important dates are:

  • Deadline for registering programme initiative on website (phase 1): Thursday 22 October, 14.00 CEST (use this form for registration)
  • Deadline for submitting programme proposal (phase 2): Tuesday 15 December 2020, 14.00 CET (by email to
  • Deadline for application of the programme proposal (phase 3): Tuesday 15 June 2021, 14.00 CEST (by email to

The (online) information meeting will take place on Monday 7 September (15h -17h). Please register for the meeting via More information about the conditions, changes and deadlines can be read in the call for proposals.

> Register your programme initiative

> Funding page Perspectief round 2020/2021

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