On this page you will find briefly the most important information about this round. Always read the manual (call for proposals) before writing an application. Once the round is open, you will find all the necessary documents at the bottom of this page.

Assessment criteria

An application is assessed on 3 criteria:

  • Question articulation
    Is the research question demonstrably based on the question from professional practice?
  • Networking
    Does the consortium include the relevant parties to answer the research question and to ensure further dissemination of the research results, both in SMEs and in vocational trainin
  • Research plan
    Does the research build on state-of-the-art knowledge, do the research methods fit the research question, can the research be traced and is the project planning and organization realistic?
    In the assessment of an application, the research plan weighs in for 50%, demand articulation and network formation each for 25%.

Requirements for consortium partners

The research project is carried out by a consortium that, in addition to the university of applied sciences, consists of at least 6 SMEs, supplemented by a trade association or another organization that has the objective of stimulating innovation in SMEs. Of the required 6 SMEs, at least 5 must be established in the Netherlands.
The staff of a university of applied sciences do not maintain direct family ties with and / or have no business interests in the SMEs involved.
Self-employed persons can be part of the consortium instead of SMEs. A self-employed person must then be part of a collective that demonstrably focuses on innovation and / or economic growth.
The consortium partners, including the university college itself, contribute at least 50% of the total project costs. Co-financing can be in cash or in kind.
General subsidy conditions
As an applicant you are responsible for making agreements with the consortium partners about access to and rights to research results and, if applicable, about intellectual property. You must also make agreements about open access publications and data management and the ethical aspects of your research.

Start and implementation of the project

Has your application been granted? Then your project will start between September 2021 and January 2021. During the term of the project you are obliged to keep the SIA Regieorgaan informed of the progress of the project. And of any changes in the composition of the consortium or changes in the research compared to the original research plan. Read more about monitoring your project on our project management page.

Submit via ISAAC

You can only submit your application via ISAAC. ISAAC is NWO’s digital application and reporting system. In ISAAC you will always find the correct and most up-to-date forms for your application. The forms offered on this website are an example. See our page about ISAAC for practical information about the system.

Read more (in Dutch) about the RAAK MKB proposal submission here.

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