On Thursday March 25, the first online MinacNed member event was organised in 2021 on Microbubble technology in medical application.

With an audience from industry and science, the team kicked off the online webinar series of MinacNed member events. In the first session of 2021, Prof Michel Versluis, TU Twente and Dr Klazina Kooiman, Erasmus MC gave an excellent overview of the foundation and application of micro bubble technology in medical application.

The setting was open for the attendees to ask their questions from the speakers. Moderator Douwe Geuzebroek, from Lionix International, asked the speakers where they could see collaboration with MinacNed partners. There is a need to collaborate with industry, our speakers explained. To better understand what is needed for the clinical phase. It is possible to simulate application in practice in a lab setting. Now there is a need to work with industry to raise the technical questions from a hospital setting where the technology is applied in daily practice.

Collaboration with industry

MinacNed members who are looking to collaborate with these groups to further develop micro bubble technology in imaging, and therapy with micro bubbles can contact the MinacNed office. The applications discussed in the meeting in drug delivery, treatment of tumor and cardiovascular disease are is the current research focus.

Thin film/MEMS event

On April 20, 2021 the next MinacNed member event will be hosted by moderator Frank van de Scheur, Head of MEMS at Philips and Chair of the MinacNed board. The keynote speakers invited are Rob van Schaik principal architect Thin film/Mems at Philips and Richard Norte, Assistant professor at Delft University of Technology & Co-Founder at Nenso Solutions.

The registration will open on April 6, registration is free for MinacNed members. Read more about the next MinacNed event here.

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