Photo regional event Wageningen

Last Tuesday, we hosted a regional event in Wageningen to explore the relationship between nanotechnology and food/life sciences. It is fascinating to see the importance of nanotechnology as an enabler. 

Professor Karin Schroën, an expert in Food Process Engineering, delivered a captivating lecture on micro- and nanotechnology for food production. Her talk delved into the fascinating world of microfluidics and its role in promoting healthier food.

Following Professor Schroën’s presentation, Luc Scheres, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Surfix, took the stage. His minilecture, titled “The Future of Diagnostics: Surfix’s Photonic Diagnostic Platform,” provided insights into cutting-edge diagnostic technologies and also showed the successful evolution of a startup nanotech company since its inception.

To conclude the afternoon, Arjan Tibbe from IMEC-OnePlanet shared his expertise on Sensing and Sensors. Attendees also had the opportunity to explore the OnePlanet Lab during a guided tour, and we ended the afternoon with bites and drinks.

We reflect on a successful event in Wageningen and extend our gratitude to everyone who participated. Mark your calendars for the next regional gathering on June 26, 2024, in Delft. Stay tuned for further details!