Today Surfix celebrates its 10th birthday! Surfix was founded as a spin-off from Wageningen University. Recently, the company has been making big steps towards maturity.
Wageningen, The Netherlands, April 1st, 2021

Ten years ago, the founders of Surfix recognized that control of surface properties is a key requirement for successful application of micro- and nanotechnology. And more importantly, they also saw the business opportunity this represented.

Han Zuilhof, founder of Surfix and professor of Organic Chemistry at Wageningen University, said: ”During 15 years of research in my lab we published a number of patents on chemical surface modification. Starting a company seemed like the best way to get something out of them, and I already knew the best person to do this: my former PhD Student Luc Scheres. With Lionix and Aquamarijn we found investors who were not only in it for the money, but also wanted to contribute in other ways. With this combination of conceptual innovation, high-energy drive and sound business experience, we were good to go!”

Surfix started as a provider of R&D services in the field of nanocoatings. In the past decade, Surfix has been growing steadily, developing custom nanocoatings in a wide range of projects for customers of all sorts and sizes. Gradually, a focus on nanocoatings for biosensors and microfluidic devices arose. In this process, Surfix also strengthened and expanded its technology base by developing several new proprietary nanocoating processes.

The next major milestone for Surfix was its acquisition by Dutch companies Lionix International and Qurin Diagnostics in 2019, followed by an additional investment from PhotonDelta in 2020. Surfix is now focusing on developing and marketing a diagnostic platform based on a photonic biochip.

CEO Maarten Buijs said: “Surfix started by developing nanocoating processes, then moved to nanocoating-enhanced components, and is now making the next step to integrate these components in a product. During the last year we have focused on becoming a diagnostics company. All signs are there that Surfix’s unique capabilities in photonic biosensing will enable wide-scale deployment of point-of-need diagnostics in a variety of areas. The initial target areas are early cancer diagnosis, covid-19 detection, and detection of pathogens in water for aquaculture”.

CTO and founder Luc Scheres said: “I am very happy and grateful to celebrate Surfix’s tenth birthday today! We would not have reached this milestone without the hard work of our staff, the loyal trust of our customers and suppliers, and the loving support of our family and close friends. We have come a long way, and I am looking forward to many more exciting developments at Surfix in the years to come!”

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About Surfix

Surfix was founded as a spin-off from the laboratory of Organic Chemistry of Wageningen University & Research in 2011, and was acquired by Dutch companies Qurin Diagnostics and Lionix International in 2019. Surfix received financial support by public private partnership PhotonDelta in 2020 to further grow its photonics business.
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