The Netherlands has a strong position in photonics. Taiwan also spends a lot research capacity on photonics. Taiwan is one of the markets where the Dutch photonics sector positions itself in a public-private context, both in terms of technological cooperation and business development. Taiwan has an excellent position in semiconductor production and, partly due to global climate developments, faces many societal challenges that photonic innovations can help solve. The Netherlands and Taiwan can benefit from each other’s strengths.

This call is open to academia from the photonics community in The Netherlands and Taiwan. It aims to give an impulse to photonics research in both economies to stimulate (new) collaborations between the two science communities, and to learn from each other’s approaches solving blocking issues for the future.

Eligible consortia are composed of researchers based in The Netherlands and in Taiwan, with active involvement in the project of a main applicant on both the Dutch and the Taiwanese side. The consortium must also include at least one industry partner on both sides.

The main applicants and consortia can apply for funds for a project with a maximum duration of five years. Each project consists of a Dutch work package and a Taiwanese work package. Per project, a maximum of k€ 750 can be requested from NWO for the Dutch work package, and a maximum of NT$ 3M per year can be requested from MOST for the Taiwanese work package.

The deadline to submit your full proposal is 9 November 2021, 14:00:00 CEST.

Read more and download the full call information on the NWO site.