In June, the board of NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences has granted 43 projects within the Open Technology Programme and Take-off.

Open Technology Programme

In June, the board of NWO Domain AES granted 7 research projects within the Open Technology Programme (OTP). The projects range from coastal defense to propellers and cancer treatment, among other things.

The Open Technology Programme is open to excellent research aimed at the possible implementation of the results. The programme offers companies and other organisations an easily accessible way of becoming involved in scientific research that leads to usable knowledge.

These are the seven awarded projects, in order of project number:


Take-off is a funding instrument aimed at stimulating and supporting business activity and entrepreneurship originating in science.

In Take-off’s spring 2020 round, 27 feasibility studies were given the green light. Nine young starters also receive a loan from Take-off: the early-stage funding offers them a maximum amount of 250,000 euros. These capital injections will benefit a.o. AI safety solutions, coronary artery disease, wireless e-bike charging and a dialogue trainer. Take-off’s new round is open for applications on mid-july 2020.

Overview of granted projects
Feasibility studies (phase 1), wo
Feasibility studies (phase 1), TO2
Early stage route (phase 2)

Source: NWO News