KIEM HighTech

KIEM HighTech aims to conduct practical research…

NGF: Future-proof hightech equipment

To stimulate the development of a new generation…

New funding instruments available from NWO

Aging, type 2 diabetes, shortage of healthcare personnel; our society is facing major challenges that require more knowledge and groundbreaking innovations. This offers opportunities for scientists, companies and public parties. NWO is responding to this by investing more than €100 million annually through various subsidy instruments in research in which […]

Consortia in Photonics (Taiwan)

The Netherlands has a strong position in photonics. Taiwan also spends a lot research capacity on photonics. Taiwan is one of the markets where the Dutch photonics sector positions itself in a public-private context, both in terms of technological cooperation and business development. Taiwan has an excellent position in semiconductor […]

HitMat Call 2021

To emphasise the importance of high tech innovation to societal themes and missions more clearly and to stimulate research and collaboration, the Topsector HTSM will organise the annual HitMat Call. This is a funding opportunity to inspire consortia to come up with excellent high tech solutions in Public Private partnership […]