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RAAK MKB Indieningsronde maart 2021

Op deze pagina vind je in het kort de belangrijkste…

Key Technologies pre-registration call

Consortia including research institutes and public…
Groeifonds 2021
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Venture Challenge: Registration open for new edition

From this week onwards, starting entrepreneurs…

Techleap: Online portal for bridging loans for startups and scaleups is now open

As of the 29th of April 2020 companies can apply for a special bridging loan, the so-called Corona-Oververbruggingslening (COL), via an online portal built by Techleap.nl, the ROMs and Invest-NL. This bridging loan program was announced by the government earlier this month to the amount of EUR 100 million for all non-bank funded […]

Care & Industry together against CORONA

Powered by Flanders’ Care – Government of Flanders & E.E.N. Flanders The current COVID-19 crisis has activated worldwide many initiatives to support and help those who are in need, mostly fragmented on a regional scale. Nevertheless we all are facing the same challenges and are looking for solutions in order […]

IMDI Technologie voor bemensbare zorg: demonstratieprojecten

Let op! De deadline van deze subsidieoproep is verschoven in verband met het coronavirus (COVID-19). Het Innovative Medical Devices Initiative (IMDI) richt zich specifiek op de ontwikkeling, toepassing en implementatie van medische technologie die de zorg bemensbaar en betaalbaar moet houden. Daarom is het belangrijk om nieuwe IMDI technologie te […]