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Quantum nanoscience is the basic research area at the intersection of nanoscale science and quantum science that creates the understanding that enables development of nanotechnologies. It uses quantum mechanics to explore and utilize coherent quantum effects in engineered nanostructures. The word ‘nano’ stems from the Greek ‘nanos’ which means dwarf.

A good measurement to help understand how small a nanometer is: this is one billionth of one meter, the term used is ‘nm’. This is very small, however the size of an item is even smaller. Atoms have a size ranging between 0.060 en 0.275 nm

What is nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is based on analyzing and manipulating matter on a nano microscopic scale. The idea behind this technology is that we want to improve the quality of all kinds of products and base materials.

Application of nanotechnology

Nanotechnology currently has most applications in computer and IT, the food and feed industry, the medical industry and in textiles. Nanotechnology is applied to improve the properties of a broad variety of products.

Take for example the large scale storage capacity of the current computers. Without nanotechnology this would not have been possible. The quality of paints and varnish has improved a lot because of these modern technologies.

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Annerie van Steijn-Heesink

Annerie van Steijn-Heesink

Project manager

Quantum Nanotech Cluster

MinacNed is currently working on setting up cluster activities for MinacNed members. For more information you can contact Annerie van Steijn-Heesink, projectmanager at MinacNed.