About Micronit

“We team up with clients to create and manufacture microfluidics and MEMS products that make the world a healthier place”

Since its founding in 1999, Micronit grew to become a world player in the field of micro- and nanotechnology. In its cleanrooms, lab-on-a-chip devices are manufactured that allow research on a microscopic scale.

Customers gain added value from Micronit’s unique combination of microfluidics and MEMS expertise. Besides, the company is experienced with different materials like glass, polymers and silicon as well as hybrid combinations of those materials. Profound customer application know-how allows for the best solutions to be offered to customers. Micronit is a solid parter that can provide R&D as well as manufacturing services.

Enabling technologies: microfluidics, MEMS


Micronit Microtechnologies
Colosseum 15
7521 PV
The Netherlands

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