About NanoLabNL

NanoLabNL is the Dutch national facility for nanotechnological research and development. Our facilities, knowledge and network in nanotechnology make NanoLabNL the obvious starting point for research, development and production on an atomic scale.


NanoLabNL is the Dutch national facility for nanotechnology research. Since 2003 we have been offering the use of our facilities and expertise to universities, research institutes, start-ups and industry. The NanoLabNL facilities are an important link in the innovation process from basic idea to product. In this role NanoLabNL supports fundamental research, process and product development and small-scale production.


Programme Office NanoLabsNL
Hallenweg 15, 7522 NH
Enschede, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)53 489 1050


Published news

National growth fund projects approved

On Thursday 14 April, the Dutch government announced the projects…
29 April 2022/by Annerie Heesink

Invest-NL investment in Delft IMP

Invest-NL is participating for €5 million in a €10 million…
6 October 2021/by Aurélie Veltema

MASER Engineering and Eurofins Scientific join forces

MASER Engineering, the technologically-leading failure and reliability…
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MinacNed presents: Micro Nano Sympsosia

In 2021 and 2022, MinacNed will host pre-events leading up to…
28 September 2021/by Aurélie Veltema

Queen Máxima opens new national supercomputer

Queen Maxima 'opens' supercomputer (credits: Vera Duivenvoorden)

23 September 2021/by Aurélie Veltema

Matchmaking NWA safety assessment via animal-free models

With this online matchmaking platform we bring together various…
14 September 2021/by Aurélie Veltema

Spinoza Prize for Lieven Vandersypen

Professor Lieven Vandersypen (Photography: Studio Oostrum)

NWO has…
10 September 2021/by Aurélie Veltema

international MicroNanoConference 2021 cancelled

The international MicroNanoConference is the MinacNed conference…
9 September 2021/by Aurélie Veltema

New funding instruments available from NWO

Aging, type 2 diabetes, shortage of healthcare personnel; our…
8 September 2021/by Aurélie Veltema

Nikon to open first European Nikon BioImaging Lab at Leiden Bio Science Park

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, August 24th 2021 – Nikon Europe…
24 August 2021/by Aurélie Veltema

IamFluidics: New developments in Pharmaceutical research

Engineering high-quality microparticles to create disruptive…
24 August 2021/by Aurélie Veltema

Join the iMNC21 business floor for networking and a company pitch

As we are returning from summer holidays and planning for the…
16 August 2021/by Aurélie Veltema