About NanoNextNL

Nanotechnology contributes to solutions for society. The results of the NaNoNextNL projects help to find solutions for societal problems and to create economic value. In NaNoNextNL science and industry partners are joined in projects to share expertise and create valuable results.

NanoNextNL is the Dutch national research and technology programme for micro and nano technology. The programme consists of 10 themes and the Valorisation Programme. All NanoNextNL projects fall within 28 programmes, which in turn are part of the 10 themes and the Valorisation Programme.

  1. Risk analysis and technology assessment
  2. Energy
  3. Nanomedicine
  4. Clean Water
  5. Food
  6. Beyond Moore
  7. Nano materials
  8. Bio-nano
  9. Nano fabrication
  10. Sensors and actuators

Read more about NaNoNextNL here. Download the NanoVision 2030 manifest via the link below.


NanoNextNL Foundation
attn. Nynke Minnema
Leusderend 12
3832 RC Leusden
The Netherlands

+31 (0)33-4657507


Nano4Society Nanovision 2030

This vision (nanovision 2030) is a multi-year plan for the knowledge and innovation agenda around the key enabling technology, nanotechnology. As illustration of the dynamics and flexibility/agility of the nanotech community, a special section on nano-solutions for the “Coronachallenge” is added.