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Micro- and nanotechnology are an integral part of sustainable solutions for major global challenges in healthcare, food, and energy. At Surfix, we believe that accurate control of surface properties is a prerequisite to exploit the full potential of micro- and nanodevices such as biosensors and microfluidics.

Building on its portfolio of proprietary nanocoating technologies, Surfix provides nanocoating-enhanced components for Point-of-Care devices and other Lab-on-a-Chip applications. Examples include diagnostic devices for the detection of biomarkers for cancer, cardiovascular and infectious diseases like COVID-19.

Surfix’s business is based on three pillars with nanocoatings as common denominator:

Photonic biochip

Surfix is developing an ultrasensitive photonic biochip based on silicon nitride waveguide technology. In the production of biosensors surface modification is a key step, since it enables the sensitive and selective detection of the analyte of interest. Surfix has developed a nanocoating for photonic biosensors that improves the sensitivity and limit of detection, while reducing unwanted non-specific adsorption.


Microfluidics enable complex biological assays to be performed using very small sample volumes. Surfix has developed nanocoatings to optimize the surface properties of glass and polymer microfluidics. Surfix’s nanocoatings enable control of wettability (flow properties) and non-specific adsorption of biomolecules. Moreover, Surfix’s nanocoatings are designed to be compatible with bonding (‘closing’) of the device and can be combined with biofunctionalization.

Nanocoating R&D services

Surfix supports its customers by closely collaborating with them to identify opportunities to improve the performance of their materials and devices. Surfix offers broad knowledge and experience in surface modification, combined with understanding of application areas and a portfolio of proprietary surface modification technologies. Services include development of custom nanocoatings, coating of devices, technology transfer and IP licensing.


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