Micro Nano Symposia

Pre-events leading up to the international MicroNanoConference 2022

Where industry meets science, where problems can find solutions and where trends, challenges and new technologies are highlighted.

The international MicroNanoConference 2022 brings together science and industry to show how micro and nanotechnology can help to tackle social issues in Nano4Society.

MinacNed started organizing iMNC pre-events in 2020 and these are now being continued as physical meetings: the Micro Nano Symposia. A different theme each time, on a high-tech campus or nano community hub in the Netherlands.

Admission to the Micro Nano Symposia is free, but you will be asked to register as a participant. When registering, we assume that you are also present, if you are unexpectedly unable to attend, please register a colleague in your place.

The language at the Micro Nano Symposia is English.


Annerie van Steijn-Heesink
Project manager MinacNed

Mail: info@minacned.nl
Phone: +31 53 4892715