Welcome to MinacNed

The association that brings micro-, nano-, and quantumtechnology to society

MinacNed is a trade association with the aim of strengthening economic activity based on microsystems and nanotechnology. The members consist of research institutes, the manufacturing industry, suppliers, integrators and end-users of products and services that are made possible by, or make use of, micro and/or nanotechnology.

The core activities of MinacNed contribute to providing a platform for sustainable economic and social value creation and the provision of an ecosystem for researchers, entrepreneurs and policy makers. This platform is created by organizing events and the international MicroNanoConference for our members.

MinacNed Membership

Membership of MinacNed means you have access to a broad network within micro-, nano- and quantumtechnology in the Netherlands. MinacNed has various roles that we explain below:

1. Encourages innovation with and for members

  • Ecosystem where members, companies, knowledge institutions and government can work together optimally to realize innovations
  • Knowledge sessions & cluster events for its members
  • Platform for consultation and cooperation between members
  • Possibility to realize innovations together with members (knowledge institutions & companies)

2. Network

  • Connection with (inter)national industry-related networks, partners and government
  • Access to a wide network of experts
  • International innovative and match making missions to stimulate international business opportunities, innovation missions
  • Connection with public-private partnerships

3. Leading member base

  • The strong players in the market are connected
  • Participation of all enabling technologies
  • All major knowledge institutions are members and make knowledge available to MinacNed network

Membership benefits

As MinacNed member you benefit from many advantages:

  • Great discounts on the participation in workshops, table-top stands sponsorships and visitor entrances for the international MicroNanoConference.
  • MinacNed keeps you informed of relevant new technological developments.
  • Access to a wide network of experts.
  • Free access or access at a reduced rate to the MinacNed events.
  • Meet new customers, high-tech experts and providers of technical solutions in the MinacNed network and network events.
  • Member meetings to build and strengthen networks. As a MinacNed member you have a say in prioritization, positions and activities of the MinacNed association.
  • International fact finding and match making missions to stimulate international business opportunities.

Membership fees

  • Membership
  • Number of employees (fte)
  • 1 to 5 employees
  • 6 to 9 employees
  • 10 to 25 employees
  • > 25 employees
  • Start-ups: (founded less than 4 years ago) first 2 years 50% discount on membership fees.
  • Contribution 2024
  • excl. VAT
  • € 790,-
  • € 1.575,-
  • € 1.880,-
  • € 2.200,-
  • Start-ups: (founded less than 4 years ago) first 2 years 50% discount on membership fees.


Read more about the membership and the role that MinacNed has for the micro-, nano- and quantum technology clusters in the Netherlands in this presentation (English only).

Application form

Are you enthusiastic about MinacNed, and do you want to become a member? Please fill in the form below and return it to info@minacned.nl.

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