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Nano4agrifood&water will be of great added value to man and nature. Good food and clean water are essential to the health and wellbeing of mankind. This has to be tuned in to the needs of the body, the individual preferences and be produced sustainably. Here, nanotechnology is crucial. Nanosensos complete the broad scale of parameters that are monitored in the primary production and in the post-harvest processing. Proces innovations based on nanotechnology, such as membrane technology in separation processes, lead to more sustainable and circular production.

Nanostructured ingredients, nutrients and pesticides create a better delivery and ensure fewer losses and side effects. This will eventually lead to optimal quality and food safety, a reduction of food waste and enough clean water at the consumer at the of the smallest possible ecological footprint. Food is a nanostructured material and its processing takes place inside the human body on a nanoscale. Therefore, the possibilities of nanotechnology can be used to enhance product qualities and or realize new functionalities (food/body interaction) that fit within a preventive healthcare concept.

As Key-Enabling Technology (KET) nanotechnology will never be viewed in the end result but still has an essential role in this process. The program aims for the use and if need expansion of possibilities for nanotechnology on a sustainable way in our need to provide in high quality food and pure water, to ensure a healthy and happy life for future generations.

Economic perspective

The agricultural and food sectors are fully aware of the fact that something has to change because of the current load on nature and the environment. The entrepreneurs in these sectors are all looking for opportunities to improve this and many have placed their hopes on hightech applications to help. The commitment to invest is big.


Can we sustain the growing world population with food supplies? Can we create cultured meat, based on plat proteins and make a transition from animal to plant based proteins? Already we see a huge role for micro-nanotechnology in production and processing of food. Thanks to advanced technology, The Netherlands has a global leading role in this area. Micro and nano emulsions for food textures, nanomembranes for the separation on a protein level, nano-scale processing and also for example nanosensors to check on vertical cultures more precisely, nano indicators to determine whether or not the food is safe to consume and thereby reducing food waste or using nano pills that can be taken orally, or intestines on a chip that can determine exactly how much food per person is used in the human body. The personal Digital Twin can become offer perfect, customized advice.


Adapting of properties

To adapt properties of ingredients in food products on a nano scale.

Food-body interaction

Efficient food intake, allergies and digestive issues aided by nanotechnology.

Optimal food safety

Optimal quality and safety of the food and plenty of clean water at the consumer with the smallest possible ecological footprint.

Body’s own on nanoscale

Food is a nanostructured material and also the processing of food takes place in the body on nanoscale.


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