MinacNed works in close collaboration with partners both in the Netherlands and internationally. Here you will find a short description of our partners.

High Tech NLhigh tech nl

High Tech NL is the sector organization by and for innovative Dutch high-tech companies and knowledge institutes. High Tech NL is committed to the collective interests of the sector, with a focus on long-term innovation and international collaboration. Members share their knowledge, look for ways to cooperate and use the powerful network to become more successful innovators.

Successful cooperation

Cooperation and innovation form an important foundation for success. The long-term perspective of the high-tech industry demands continuous innovation and therefore cooperation between industry and knowledge institutes. No single company can master all technologies needed to generate true innovations/substantial breakthrough innovations. Creating a network where companies and institutes can find technology partners in the Netherlands and abroad, is the main goal for High Tech NL.

Would you like to cooperate and innovate with Dutch companies and knowledge institutes (technical universities and research institutes)? High Tech NL opens the doors to successful cooperation!

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Holland High Tech

Holland High Tech is an independent foundation (Stichting TKI HTSM)that is funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. Its structure includes a Board, aSupervisory Council, a Roadmap Council, a Director and an Office. The Board is responsible for the foundation’s strategy and its execution. The Roadmap Council advises the Board in R&D programmingfor the Top Sector; the Supervisory Council provides the Board with strategic advice. TheDirector and the Office manage the day-to-day operation.

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HTSM (Topsector)

Top Sector High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM) unites industry, academia and government in key enabling technologies for grand societal challenges.

Top Sector HTSM has a thematic framework with five grand societal challenges: climate, sustainability, health, security and mobility. This framework provides the connection between the bottom-up programming of the HTSM technology roadmap teams and the top-down programming in the Dutch mission-driven Top Sector and Innovation Policy.

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IVAM Microtechnology Network


IVAM unites people who are excited about key enabling technologies and the way these technologies shape our daily life and our future.
Being an international microtechnology business network and technology marketing expert, IVAM connects professionals in the high-tech industries and supports them in bringing innovative technologies and products to market and gaining a competitive edge in international competition.
IVAM – The International Microtechnology Business Network
  • International – We have members in many countries around the world and partners in the market-relevant overseas regions.
  • Microtechnology – We represent microtechnology and related key enabling technologies like MEMS, nanotechnology, advanced materials, micro-optics and photonics, sensor and measurement technology, printed and organic electronics.
  • Business – Our essential target is to accelerate our members‘ business based on our industry and market knowledge, our numerous contacts and our marketing expertise.
  • Network – We have built an extensive network which we constantly enlarge, because the more we are, the more we can achieve.

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