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Six consortia of companies, educational and knowledge institutions and governments will work in the coming years on research aimed at technological innovation with economic potential. Within the Perspective program of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), they have been awarded a total of 22 million euros from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK) for innovative research. The 138 companies and social organizations involved also contribute ten million euros from their own resources.

Economic and social impact

The six awarded programs focus on a new generation of optical broadband connections, the recovery of useful substances from industrial waste streams, the development of lighter materials for CO2 reduction in transport, the standardization of the production of pieces of human organ on a chip, the prevention of freshwater shortages due to better purification techniques and the linking of data for smarter electricity networks that help contribute to the energy transition.

Perspectief is a program that challenges scientists to set up new lines of research with economic and social impact in collaboration with the business community and civil society organizations. Perspectief aims to contribute to the creation of economic opportunities within the key enabling technologies and the social themes of the mission-driven innovation policy.

Development of new technologies is crucial

State Secretary Mona Keijzer (Economic Affairs and Climate): “Innovation is the basis for our future jobs and income. That is why it remains necessary to actively fund research and stimulate collaboration between entrepreneurs, education, science and governments. We focus on major social challenges, for example in the field of healthcare and the energy transition. Development of new technologies is crucial here. It is also necessary to have an eye for the future in order to be able to innovate out of the corona crisis and to strengthen the Dutch economy. ”

The composition of the consortia is characteristic of Perspectief: all players who are required to arrive at usable solutions in practice participate. For example, the program aimed at future smart electricity networks involves not only technology companies and technical service providers, but also the three largest Dutch network operators. In the program that aims to solve freshwater shortages, the researchers are collaborating with engineering firms and water companies, as well as with water boards, municipalities and provinces.

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