How can we ensure that the food that is produced lasts longer, food waste is decreased and a better distribution of the food among all population groups is ensured? During the MinacNed member event on May 20, the talks were on the application of nanotechnology in plastic food packaging. The technical presentations on the science behind the innovation, but the goal of the speakers is clear: Increase the sustainability of our food and reduce the plastic waste mountain in order to contribute to a better world.

Dr Albert Schenning from Eindhoven University of Technology and PhD student Ivanna Colijn, Wageningen University have shared a clear story that can still be seen for those who missed it. The presentations were followed by an interesting discussion with questions from the participants.

Read more about the invited speakers on the event page.

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The MinacNed events are organized for and by MinacNed members. Once a month MinacNed organizes an event around a technical or social theme in micro and nanotechnology.

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