For the next months I will join and support the MinacNed community for 2-3 days a week. My focus will be on acquisition of new MinacNed members and of course to be in touch with existing members. For this Aurélie Veltema, Paul Petersen, the board of MinacNed and I will work closely together for MinacNed.

My name is Ingo te Duits, age 60 and living with Ada in Purmerland. I studied Biology in Utrecht (electrophysiology, toxicology/pharmacology) and did an MBA. The last 30 years I did work for VWR International; the last years as ‘Vice President & Managing director the Netherlands and Belgium’.

The FHI I know rather well. For 10 years I was a board member of the branch organization ‘Laboratory Technology’ and currently for Stichting RTA (Foundation for recycling of technological equipment). The last months I have supported the branch organization for Medical Technology at FHI, to establish ‘Stichting GOZ’ (Stichting Gecertificeerd Onderhoud Zorgsector).

So MinacNed was not new for me ….. although …? The last week Aurélie en Paul have introduced me in the MinacNed Association or better said the scientific, technical, commercial, complex, diverse, public and industrial micro-nano eco-system in MinacNed. Al “rather new” and for me (personally) remarkably interesting and on high level comparable with other FHI societies and market trends.

I look forward to getting into contact with you in the coming weeks, in personal or by mail, phone. For now, I have one question for you:  help Aurélie and me to understand your world, your organization and the challenges you face. We will do our best to help grow the community, to continue and have an interesting  and  valuable program of events and to provide members services.

Do not hesitate to mail, phone me or Aurélie with and any questions, ideas, or proposals you may have. In Dutch we would call this an ‘open door remark’, but only with your support and proactiveness we can grow the MinacNed ecosystem.

Ingo te DuitsLooking forward to seeing and meeting you in person.

With best l regards,
Ingo te Duits

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