MinacNed has a new board overseeing all activities, with a new chair and vice chair who are both ambitious to see the MinacNed community grow and collaborate more. At the General Assembly meeting on May 26, the new MinacNed board was presented to the MinacNed members.

New chair and vice chair

Frank van de Scheur, Head of MEMS & Micro Devices at Philips has taken up the role of chairman of the board. Frank van de Scheur sees MinacNed becoming the recognized association in the Netherlands for all companies, institutes and universities that are active in the field of Microsystems and Nanotechnology.

The board members all work in close collaboration and the new vice chair Hans Dijk, CCO at Surfix emphasizes the need for companies working in the micro and nano industry to collaborate with each other and meet at MinacNed. Hans Dijk: “I hope to be able to play a role in getting more companies actively involved in our association.”

Knowledge platform on micro and nano technology

The members of the MinacNed board are from both industry and academia, and each brings a large network and vast experience with them. The new board continues the work of the MinacNed board up to now: to build new partnerships, to grow the number of members and to seek international collaborations to make groundbreaking projects possible.

The knowledge shared among the board members is an important asset that is available for members in the MinacNed community. Urs Staufer, board member and professor at TU Delft said: “MinacNed must be a forum to share the view on future developments and needs in Micro and Nano Technology, and a platform to find partners for implementing these visions.”

Changes in the board

Hans Dijk, CCO at Surfix and Thies Oosterwijk, Business manager at TMC Nanotechnology have joined the MinacNed board to bring their experience, network and ambition to the team. On the new webpage with the Board member profiles you will find a short resume and the board members ambition for the MinacNed community.

Two board members have resigned from their position. The board thanks Ronny van ‘t Oever CEO at Micronit and Han Gardeniers, professor at the University of Twente for their work and effort as board members. Former chairman Ronny van ‘t Oever has expressed his intention to stay involved in the MinacNed community.

Overview of the MinacNed board.

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