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Dr. Peter van Stiphout

Bionchip Technologies


BionchipTechnologies in Eindhoven, The Netherlands is a company providing development and product support for chip related products in the Life Sciences markets.
We work with our OEM customers to design and produce their chip products for various market segments.

For our company MinacNed is an excellent network to exchange information, work together in innovative new projects or grant programs but we also benefit from the services that are available for MinacNed members. To join a workshop on legal aspects of sales, free use of general terms and conditions, a free consult of a lawyer or reduced fees for services supplied makes this community very worthwhile.



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Association for Microsystems and Nanotechnology
Creating economic value from Microsystems and Nanotechnology
in an international playground

International Business Trough Collaborative Marketing

Wednesday May 18,
14.00 – 17.00 hrs in Leusden

September 21-23 2016 MinacNed organises the forth edition of the Xs2HiTek International Fact Finding and Match Making Mission.
This year we will visit Basel, Switzerland after an invitation to organise a Dutch-Swiss Workshop at the Basel Life Science Week.
A perfect occasion not only to be present at this important conference, but also to visit Basel region with companies as Novartis, Roche and BASF.

Thursday April 28th we will discuss the ideas for the Xs2HiTek International to Basel.
Furthermore on the agenda; a potential strategic approach towards the opening of international markets for Dutch technology companies
and the possibilities of government support with a PIB (Partners for International Business)

Because there’s also much to learn from each other, two internationally successful Dutch based technology companies
will share their own experiences: Applikon Biotechnology and Bronkhorst High-Tech.

Click here for the complete program of May 18th:

Date: Wednesday May 18, 14.00 -17.30 (including drinks and networking)
Location: Landgoed Leusderend 12, Leusden
E-mail registration: Dit e-mailadres is beschermd tegen spambots. U heeft Javascript nodig om het te kunnen zien. att. Susanne van Boxtel (participation is free of charge)

NanoTech & Photonics 4 SME April 12

The NanoTech & Photonics Introduction and Matchmaking Workshop is interesting for all entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprises who wish to expand their scope and knowledge beyond their own field.

Nano Technology and Nano Photonics are two high potential expertises for application in a broad range of business domains. Just a few examples are: Flexible Displays, LED measurement, Microscopy/Spectroscopy, Solar Cells and Biochemical Sensor Systems.

In this Masterclass and Workshop there's the opportunity to learn about the possibilities in the crossover area of Nanotechnology and Photonics and to explore for yourself how to create new business.





VSParticle is the Start-up of the Year 2015

At the highly successful international MicroNanoConference Amsterdam, VSParticle founder Aaike van Vugt was celebrated as ‘Start-Up of the Year’ 2015.



MicroNano Opportunities in 2015 & 2016

MinacNed’s MicroNano community was boosted during October and December 2015.
The International Factfinding & Matchmaking trip to Lausanne & Neuchatel has been highly successful and the International MicroNanoConference in Amsterdam brought excitement to all participants and organisations.

Still there is room for further maturation and growth in terms of creating business for MinacNed member companies.
The board and the management of the Association set out an ambitious agenda for the new year 2016, for all to participate.    

Although not all details are fixed yet, the agenda schedule for MinacNed membership activities 2016 is available.

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Evaluation and Brainstorm International MicroNanoConference 2016 February 23

It turned out that there is a great potential for the MicroNanoConference becoming a leading international conference in its area. The success of last December, encourages MinacNed to start preparing a next International MicroNanoConference Amsterdam in 2016!

To elaborate the success factors of the 2015 edition, to learn from the points of improvement and especially to create the right platform for our members to do business there will be an evaluation and kick-off meeting on February 23, 11.00 in Leusden.




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