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Cytocentrics BV in Eindhoven is an independent micro- and nanotechnology provider with a focus on chip related (microfluidic) products to handle single mammalian cells or cell tissue to select, position and measure cell parameters for Life Sciences and Pharma applications. We have products in the electrophysiology market but also work with our OEM customers to design and produce their chip products in various other market segments.

For our company MinacNed is an excellent network to exchange information, work together in innovative new projects or grant programs but we also benefit from the services that are available for MinacNed members. To join a workshop on legal aspects of sales, free use of general terms and conditions, a free consult of a lawyer or reduced fees for services supplied makes this community very worthwhile.


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Association for Microsystems and Nanotechnology
Creating economic value from Microsystems and Nanotechnology
in an international playground

NanoTech 4 Dummies
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NanoTech 4 Dummies

voor medewerkers van bedrijven die te maken krijgen met nanotechnologie,
en zelf geen achtergrond in hebben

Woensdag 28 januari 2015

Hogeschool Utrecht – Utrecht
FHI / MinacNed

De volgende namen van bedrijven die deelnemers afvaardigen staan al op de lijst:

IB Kracht, Telerepair, Sigma-Aldrich, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Arcadis Nederland,
Derustit Holland, Eurofinish, Envicontrol, Egemin, TMC Chemical, tbp electronics,
Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions en Contamination Q&A, Inacom Instruments

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Dutch High-Tech company in Ultra Low temperatures (layer

The Dutch High-Tech company Kryoz Technologies BV has achieved a milestone this summer by signing a distribution contract with Quantum Design Int’l, an American global player in the field of (cryogenic) instruments aiming at groundbreaking research and laboratory applications. This contract  directly follows the European market launch
of the unique plug-&-play product of Kryoz "the CryoLab" and will initially focus on distribution in Japan and South Korea.


Health insurers invest in Ostendum lab-on-a-chip applications

Health insurers Achmea and De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar are to participate in Ostendum, a company that is developing fully portable lab-on-a-chip applications. Doctors can use these chips to run tests on blood, urine and saliva samples and diagnose a disorder within minutes. Paul Nederkoorn, CEO of Ostendum, is pleased with the investment, which will be used to bring the technology to market. “By investing in our company, Achmea and De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar are contributing to the development of the portable lab. The benefits will be many, including enabling doctors to help their patients faster and more effectively.''

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MESA+, Demcon, Panalytical, Solmates & ASML together in advanced mirrors

A cooperation between scientists (Twente University) and companies as ASML, Demcon, Panalytical and SolMateS are going to focus on the development of tiny, thin layers of accumulated mirrors. With these mirrors, ultra violet light can be manipulated extremely accurately. A great demand for this type of mirrors exists, because conventional mirrors for this type are slightly unusable. Read more
(Source: Tubantia, 01/12/2012)

Ronny van t Oever: ‘Entrepeneurship without risk perception does not exist’

ronny van t oever Chairman of the MinacNed board Ronny van ’t Oever: ‘'Entrepeneurship without risk perception does not exist. That is typically human. Only if your continued existence is at stake, you will work harder and your creativitiy is stimulated. Making money was not the only goal. I wanted to make new things possible." (Quoted from TW, 47, page 5)

Read the full article in Technisch Weekblad edition 47.

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