Last week, Delmic announced its cryo-FLM solution for the first time. Cryo electron tomography (cryo-ET) is a powerful technique which is used to obtain high-resolution 3D reconstructions of biomolecules, and thus it can help researchers understand complex biological processes better. This technique, however, is exceedingly complicated and requires expert users due to the intractable sample preparation method.Meteor news Delmic

To reduce the complexity of the workflow and increase the cryo-ET sample yield significantly, Delmic has innovated an add-on system, METEOR. This solution directly integrates fluorescence light microscope (FLM) into a FIB/SEM system so that the complicated transfer steps are eliminated. At the same time, the integration also decreases the chance of damage, contamination and devitrification of your sample. No more transferring of your sample between FLM and FIB/SEM: you can identify the region of interest and prepare your sample for further cryo-ET workflow within one system.

METEOR specifications sheet is now available to download. It elaborates on the key features, workflow of the system and technical specifications.


Source: Delmic


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