On September 23, the iMNC2020 hosted the first pre-meeting for iMNC2020, with 2 excellent keynote presentations from Ronny van t Oever (Micronit and Viralert initiative) and Maarten de Zwart (NWO). During the Q&A, led by moderator Prof Maarten Honing (Maastricht University) participants could ask their questions and this led to interesting discussion with the two keynotes.

This was the first session in the online platform iChair and the first online event for iMNC2020. Maarten Honing concluded that the discussion was so interesting, he had not been able to complete all his questions and that there was much more to discuss during the sessions on December 3 and 4, 2020. The iMNC2020 team looks forward to more lively discussions during the public-private collaborations track at the international MicroNanoConference 2020.

Pre-event Nano4Agri/Food

The organization looks forward to the next pre-meeting on Thursday October 7, 2020:

Micro and nanotechnology for agriculture and food production
Opportunities for a sustainable future.

During this session, Prof Karin Schroën (Wageningen University/University of Twente) will invite 2 keynote speakers from industry and science to discuss their own experience in the development and use of micro- and nanotechnology in agriculture and food production.

Both micro- and nanotechnology hold great promises to create more sustainable food production. But how to capitalize on this? Can production on the land be made more efficient through these two technologies, or should we consider vertical farming? And can we make better use of the various ingredients that are available, and possibly go to a situation in which food is designed such that it contributes to a longer healthy life? And if yes, would consumers also accept these innovations?

The keynote from industry is by dr. Marcel Zevenbergen, IMEC. He will be joined by dr. Frans Kampers from Wageningen University, Strategy advisor. The keynote speakers will be interviewed during a Q&A after their talk by Prof Karin Schroen, and will discuss their own experience and their vision on future developments in the field of food.


As a registered participant of iMNC2020, you can participate in all five pre-events. For new registrations to attend the iMNC2020 and all pre-events: Register here.

On September 23rd the first of the five pre-meetings will take place, leading up to iMNC2020. This event is about lessons learnt from public-private collaboration in times of a pandemic crisis.

Public Private Collaborations – Lessons learnt in times of pandemic collaboration
How to involve SME’s and address their interests

The first pre-iMNC2020 meeting will take place on September 23 2020 in a virtual conference room. During this session, Prof Maarten Honing (Maastricht University) will invite 2 keynote speakers from industry and science to discuss their own experience in collaborating on public-private partnerships in times of COVID-19 pandemic.

What are the lessons learnt from projects where SME’s, scientists and large industry partners work together to find solutions for the medical and societal problems caused by the global pandemic?

The keynote from industry is Ronny van ‘t Oever, Micronit and the Viralert Initiative. He will be joined by a keynote speaker from science. The keynotes, who will be interviewed for a Q&A after their talk by Prof Maarten Honing will discuss their own experience and their vision on future collaborations.

September 23, 2020
Online meeting via iMNC2020 ichair
16:30-18:00 hrs

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The energy transformation or “Green Deal” is aiming at reduced carbon dioxide emissions and a carbon neutral society by 2050. Its success depends on the development of new energy harvesting mechanisms with improved efficiency and new energy carriers with higher storage capacity. Materials research and micro/nanotechnology are the key drivers for the advancement of the field. This webinar will highlight several exciting ongoing activities in this area, by presentations from academia and industry.

The program is set up with 3 keynote talks from Prof Adriana Creatore, from TU Eindhoven, Casper Peeters, CEO at E-magy and Stefan van Uffelen, CEO at Cooll. The talks are followed by a Q&A session moderated by Prof Han Gardeniers, from Twente University where you can ask your questions direct. You can also send in your questions in advance via email to Aurélie Veltema at

And on December 3 and 4 we will be meeting each other at the international MicroNanoConference 2020 in virtual conference rooms with excellent keynotes, networking opportunities, exhibitor pitches and poster sessions.

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